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About Us

Bluewater Medical is a naturopathic medical clinic with multiple specialties. Dr. Stirrett and Dr. LeGrand are experts in primary care and functional medicine. The ultimate goal of their care is to find the root cause of disease or illness and to help patients achieve optimal health. This is done through thorough evaluation and laboratory/metabolic testing. Custom treatment plans are provided including: individualized nutrition plans, supplement regiments, medication management, and lifestyle changes needed to cure disease and achieve ideal health.

Other specialties include:

Regenerative Medicine-
This includes a variety of ultrasound guided injection techniques that can aid in the regrowth and repair of tissues. This is miraculous for anyone struggling with joint, tendon, or ligament problems!

Anti-Aging Medicine-
Numerous medical esthetic procedures for your hair and skin. Improve skin texture, tone, and decrease deep wrinkles and stress lines. Increase hair growth on the scalp!


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